Steven T. Noble
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Experienced in sales and management with extensive inbound and outbound call center experience. Account management, customer service and advanced administrative expertise. Past performance included year over year sales revenue growth with direct P&L responsibilities. Several years spent working with high technology computer products and Internet video services. I have advanced problem solving and accounting skills. My special interest is in Social Media. I have a strong working knowledge of MS Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher and use advanced video editing software. Read recommendations below

Video Customer Recommendations 

Brian Miller hired Steve as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2005

 “I had the pleasure to work with Steve for nearly two years, and highly recommend his work. Steve is highly reliable and very easy to work with; his knowledge of the industry ranks him near the top for go-to people when you have a question or need a fresh idea.” November 24, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time


Bret K McCormick hired Steve as a General Contractor in 2007, hired Steve more than once

 “Steve comes through as promised and delivers great value. I have done business with him in the past and given the opportunity will do business with him again in the future.”

October 26, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time


Mel Taylor hired Steve as an IT Consultant in 2003

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity October 14, 2009


Darlene Janis , Executive VP, WWBN, Inc. consultant or contractor to Steve at Inc

“I worked with Steve for several years while he was with Adfare, a client of WWBN. Steve provided excellent customer service and always prompt responses to my inquiries and needs. It was a pleasure working with you Steve.” October 12, 2009


Steve Reichman , Operations Director, Adfare when working with Steve at Inc

 “Working with Steve Noble was enlightening. He is a hard worker and a great teacher. His experience speaks for itself and knowledge of sales and team building is flawless.”

October 12, 2009


 Andrea Sonnenberg hired Steve as a Vendor for Online Video programs in 2006, hired Steve more than once

 “Steve is an expert in the field of Online Video programs and production. He has been a vendor that I have worked with for several years. He is Trustworthy, Reliable and I can always count on him to come up with new and creative ideas for implementation. He responds quickly and is a great person to work with. I highly recommend Steve!” October 11, 2009

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative


Wayne Bronkhorst hired Steve for Online Video Solutions in 2008

 “It was great working with Steve. He made the process of adding video to our site much easier.” October 11, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

General Associate Recommendations:

Scott Knight , General Manager, Harte-Hanks managed Steve at Inquiry Handling Service

 I highly recommend Steve Noble. He was a very effective VP at Inquiry Handling Service/Harte Hanks directing our inbound and outbound telemarketing departments. We provided these services to high tech companies like Sony, and HP. They were extremely pleased with our team’s knowledge of their products and professionalism. Steve was instrumental in leading and training our staff to represent our clients with the highest service levels.” October 21, 2009

Steven Nadler, Student, University of Maryland University College reported to Steve at IHS

“Steve Noble is equally talented at managing people and processes. He hired me for my first job out of school 20 years ago and was a major influence on my personal and professional development. One of Steve's best qualities was his ability to maintain high levels of productivity while still making the team atmosphere fun and competitive. Steve is a creative leader, a trusted mentor, and all around strong addition to any organization seeking a capable leader. Highly recommended.” October 17, 2009


James Obermayer (LION), VP Sales & Marketing, IHS managed Steve indirectly at IHS.

 “Steve Noble is a consummate professional. He was instrumental in landing one of the largest accounts in Inquiry Handling Service History, Sony. Steve built the telemarketing services department from a few people answering inbound 800 service calls to a large professional group with 55 seats. It was both in-bound and out-bound. Steve’s expertise was also used in the first book on managing sales leads published by the AMA and NTC Books, Managing Sales Leads, How to Turn Every Prospect Into A Customer. I can honestly say everything I learned about telemarketing services I learned from Steve.” October 9, 2009 


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